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Extend your frequent flyer miles expiration date for free

By lyrix

OK, if you are as money saving oriented as I am, you know when you shop for flight ticket, the biggest factor is the price. Yeah, I know, some airlines serve peanuts and others give you mini pretzel, bid deal!

Anyway, two or three years later, you may find yourself in a dilemma where you have frequent flyer miles from several airlines and some are about to expire though none of them have enough miles or points to give you a free ticket to the dream land. To their credit, the airline companies do have a way for you to use the miles other than a flight ticket. You could exchange those miles with magazines or some of the overpriced stuff that you are not going to use.

But what if you are really not into those magazines and rather keep your miles and hopefully some day you can add it up to 25K to get a reward ticket? Well, you need an easy and non costly way to extend the mileage expiration date. Note some airlines run promotions from time to time that if you fill out some surveys or sign up junk mails, you get a couple of hundred miles for free and because there are new miles added to your account, your miles will be good for another year or two. But usually those promotions are not available when you really need them. So you also need a solution that works 7 days a week.

I will give you just that.

Sign up those airlines’ FREE dining program. If you are not sure what it is, check any of the links below. Basically you register your credit card to link with your frequent flyer program, if you use the credit card in any of the restaurants who participate the program, you will have some miles added to your account. Most of the time it’s 3 miles per dollar spent. For me that’s about 3% discount, better than nothing and most importantly we would have our mile expiration date delayed for another year or two. Oh and if you are only a couple hundred miles short from a free ticket, this would work out perfectly for you.

American Airline
US Airways
Alaska Airlines

Personally I think it’s (almost) free because we have to eat anyway.

And for those of you who just want cash-back, not the miles

Here are two bonus points for those who are still reading my post:
1. Business credit card works as well.
2. If you are really in a hurry to extend two programs at the same time, kindly ask the waiter to split the bill and charge on two credit cards you registered with different dinning programs..

That’s all.


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