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which makes The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold

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I think blades prob wont have a skill system, and just a gear and stat system, which makes The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold not actually a elder scrolls game, I hope im wrong, but it seems like thats what they might do.An Elder Scrolls game with the primary launch being Android and Iphone. This is going to suck, just like every other name that started on mobile phones.I’m not expecting Blades to be super in depth so if it’s easy enough to be something in which I run through a cave or dungeon while I’m taking a shit or at transit then I’m fine with it.Why would I a grown person be playing a video game in my phone? Notice how they release what everyone wants (elder scrolls 6) and keep pushing out horseshit cash grabs.Its like they ignore their most profitable match is one where people got 8 years ago that they resold 4 occasions, even though it was just a modder platform.

Its laughable how long, care and money Bethesda invests in their titles. Howard can be as cool as he want too amongst still loyal lovers but the reputation of the company has been damaged almost beyond repair. In the event the Elder Scrolls 6 is anything besides"game of the year" caliber they will never regain. Cant believe how they chose to self destruct over a fast cash grab. Now this is not Howards fault of course. I have no confidence in their future. ’d fo76 never arrived I might have preordered a 1,000$ version of The Elder Scrolls 6. Now though I will wait buy TESO Blades Gold months following its established before I buy it.